We are simply the
knot that ties a group of artists from different genres and background together. We are a group of independent music artists of various genres from the north-west of England under one umbrella, The TASSEL.


We share the same ideology of providing good music. Hard working and good young artists new to the industry do give up due to financial and personal reasons. Mostly motivation and mentorship is one of the reasons why they give up on their dreams. Tassel looks to help artists under this umbrella. The music industry is a tough field as promotion and growing a fan base is an expensive, time consuming an d most at times results are very mininal. Joing tassel then gives the artist to tap into the fanbase of all the artist on this platform, sharing and bring all our core fan together.



After years and years of trying to break into the music industry. A group of  upcoming artist decided to combine their effort to push  their music to the world instead of doing it individually. The ability to depend on each other for support.

Next event

30 August 2020 -  Liverpool O2 Arena


First Album date to be announced soon